About Us

Improvetech is a dynamic and innovative consultancy company, mainly staffed by engineers and economists, with explicit specialization in submitting on investment proposals for subsidy, supporting and development of companies as well as in renewable sources of energy.

The company was established in Thessaloniki where its offices (14th Mitropolitou Kallidou Str.) are housed.

At the same time, the company has an inextricable collaboration and continuous communication with external collaborators of various specialties in order to maintain direct access to specialized information that may be requested.

With absolute consistency and professionalism, we effectively support every business venture and growth initiative. During its operation, the company has systematically invested in the acquisition of know-how and necessary analysis and design tools, which nowadays allow it to be characterized by its customers as an essential, reliable and effective partner.

Improvetech has extensive experience in submitting and managing proposals for subsidized programs. Specifically, until now, more than 1000 proposals have been successfully managed in Northern Greece in Development Law, Metro 123A (Agricultural Development) and Manufacturing-Tourism.

The combination of experience of company’s executives in the above programs, the knowledge of qualified human resources for the current legislation and the method that used in the implementation of the investment proposals, contributes to the quick and trouble-free realization of the investments.

Our mission is to provide high level consulting services to enterprises and organizations and contribute to the strengthening of customer's business position with suggestions and programs that can be implemented.

By transferring know-how to our customers and the strong and methodologically integrated service framework we provide, we fully meet our customers' expectations by leading them on the path of growth. 

Our aim is to improve the competitiveness and development of companies by providing reliable consulting services.

Our mission

Improvetech is the continuity of multi-year involvement of its share holders and executives in the sector of consulting, energy and construction.

We have carried out studies and projects for over 1,000 customers who have entrusted us and continue to rely on us, giving us the strength and courage to continue.

In each project we undertake:

  • We listen and evaluate customer needs
  • We treat the client’s aims and expectations with absolute realism and we consultant in all frankness about the feasibility of the aims it sets
  • We propose the ideal solutions following the developments in competition and the market in general
  • We are in constant communication-cooperation with our customers until the desired result is achieved
  • We complete the project within the strict timetables that are placed from beginning

Our values

Our values promote responsibility, integrity, cooperation, objectivity, effectiveness and respect. For our clients we are committed to:

  • Evaluate the potential investment plan and keep an objectively informed about its viability. Upon only positive results we suggest for further materialization
  • Promote sustainable and highly effective business solutions with minimal risk
  • Keep our promises, making the most effort to each project to complete it with integrity and within the agreed time-frame that set in the initial agreement
  • Support and promote environmentally friendly investments

Create strong and fair partnerships

Our vision

Be worthy of the admiration and confidence of customers and our employees and be the leading company in the provision of services relating to grants, strategic planning, financing and development within and outside borders as well as energy investments.

Our vision is not theoretical, but it is applied daily in communication and collaboration with our customers.

Our people

The human resources that manage Improvetech is also its competitive edge. The strength of the company is based on the ability, the scientific training and the professionalism of its executives, which contributes significantly to an increasing trend from the first day of its establishment until today.

The extensive experience of the scientific staff in combination with the specialized knowledge is able to serve the needs of each company effectively.

Human resources share the vision of the company and support the achievement of its goals by consistently applying our Customer-driven philosophy.

It is worth mentioning that Improvetech invests in the continuous training of its staff having as main aim the continuous training by utilizing its skills and personal abilities in daily operations.