Export Growth

Our consultancy services are not limited to the part of preparation, but we design and implement in collaboration with our clients concrete actions that we create for our customers strong competitive advantages, for successful entry and consolidation in foreign target –market.

Our consultancy services aim to be answered the following questions and cooperate with the enterprise during the implementation of the actions:

  1. In which markets will the enterprise focus?
  2. Are there any necessary modifications to the product in order to succeed in foreign markets?
  3. How do we create - develop customer lists in each country?
  4. How should the enterprise penetrate?
  5. How to "place" the product?


More concretely, the services provided are the following:

  • Preparation of a strategic export growth plan
  • Guidance of choice of target market
  • Analyze and preparation of an export marketing plan
  • Development and guidance "placement" in foreign markets
  • Managing and customization of portfolio of products
  • Development of portfolio of services
  • Creation of in-house infrastructures of support of exports Branding / Re-branding