Subsidy Programs

The staff of Improve Tech PC is constituted of highly educated consultants with extensive experience and professional knowledge in their field, ensuring the efficiency of its services. We are constantly investing in the development of the cognitive object of our executives, considering to be a one-way course to follow up the continuous developments and to maintain the quality of our services.

The company's human resources, in conjunction with the appropriate financial instruments company holds, imparts the necessary guarantees for the preparation of a well-structured Business Plan, which automatically leads to the successful submission of your investment proposal and the approval of its aid.

In the view of the above, η Improve Tech PC, in the context of submitting and implementing an investment proposal is going to undertake the following actions per Stage, namely:

1ο Stage I: Preparation of Feasibility study and submission of it, includes:

  • Gathering of necessary information for establishing the file
  • Checking of documents submitted by investor
  • Processing of data and preparation of the file
  • Technical Description of the project
  • Definition of the financial scheme
  • Preparation of the sustainability of the project according to the standards required by each one subsidy program
  • Analysis of the Financial Statement of the investment at a depth of five or ten years (Numeric Analysis, IRR, NPV, payback period)
  • Evaluation of alternative sources of funding. Discussion with the potential investor, possible adjustments of the original idea and finalization of the project to be submitted
  • Preparation of the necessary technical, financial and other studies / reports as well as any other documentation required
  • Completion of the file with all the necessary legalization elements
  • Filling out necessary forms of the Program in electronic and printed form
  • Submitting the complete qualification application file to the competent authorities
  • Providing data and information to the authorities in order to facilitate the file evaluation

2ο Stage II: Managing and consultancy support of the economic sector throughout the implementation of the project includes:

  • Auditing of documents and monitoring of the implementation of the investment
  • Submission of requests for changes according to the progress of the project implementation
  • Preparation and Submission of Reports and Requests for Interim Audit in the course of the implementation of the project
  • Preparation of project completion, study of technical description and financial report of final control
  • Completion of the required files in the State Aid Information System
  • Control of the necessary licenses for its legal operation
  • Check Disbursement Documents