Our cooperation with domestic and foreign investment funds can under certain conditions provide significant capital support. This support can range from participation in the share capital to total acquisition of a company even the purchase of a building (hotel, industrial or location for establishment). We undertake Company’ s Presentation, Negotiations, total Legal and Financial Support.

  1. Preparation of the application file included business plan to ensure loan funds.
  2. Restructuring Loan (Guarantee and sustainable restructuring solutions by offering the ability to meet their obligations while accelerating the reduction of the balance of loan over the medium or long term ensuring the maintained of a viable investment, ie:
  • Permanent reduction of installment, with an extension of repayment term of loan
  • Incorporation of installments in arrears on the loan for repayment over the remaining maturity of the loan
  • Little grace period with interest payments only
  • Separation of loan in two parts: One part is repaid according to the repayment capacity. The other one is transferred to a later date for repayment
  • Converting the loan from a foreign currency to Euro
  • Consolidation of loans into a new one
  • Combination of two or more options

Renegotiation of frozen assets