Improve Tech, consisting of highly qualified staff, with years of international experience, strong support network, infrastructure and international partnerships with the most trusted companies, provides integrated services to companies that aim at the quick and effective set up, expansion or strengthening of their network.

With a competitive advantage of its founders' extensive experience and its essential contribution to the growth of more than 80 franchise companies and networks, Improve Tech provides a comprehensive network of consulting and supporting services covering every stage of organization and development of a Franchise company and the creation of distribution networks.

This accumulated experience, the international network of partners, the continuous improvement of its infrastructure and knowledge, enable it to ensure high growth rates and to materialize, creatively and efficiently customer's aspirations: Profits, Sustainable Competitive Advantages and Goodwill.

The three-step business approach that includes the diagnosis stage, strategic planning and, above all, the crucial stage of implementation, offers each customer solutions, directions and tools that meet their needs.

The services provided by Improve Tech to existing and potential franchisors are the following:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Creating appropriate infrastructure for safe and dynamic network deployment using modern and integrated business approaches
  • Pilot Store operation & monitoring
  • Defining & Improving Concept (Concept Development, Retail Optimization, Visual Merchandising, etc.)
  • Business Plan
  • Advertising Brief
  • Organization of franchising Infrastructure & Preparation of Operational Manuals (Operational, Reference, Grand Opening, Local Store Marketing etc.)
  • Franchise Package Standardization & Standard Store Folder
  • Preparation of an investment opportunity in accordance with the Code of Conduct of Franchise Association of Greece
  • Contracts
  • Executive Selection & Recruitment
  • Designing internal marketing programs to attract investors (franchisees)
  • Presentation of project, investment opportunities assessment and franchisees selection
  • Training of franchisees & staff
  • Site Approval Process
  • Finding sources of funding
  • Marketing Planning & Implementation
  • Organizing monitoring mechanism of network control – (On-site evaluation, mystery shopping )
  • Settlement of disputes of franchisor / franchisees
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Cultural - Social Marketing
  • Training of Executives
  • Finding Real Estate
  • Supervision of the construction of stores
  • MIS (Management Information System)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Master Franchise to and from abroad, promoting the company abroad, finding investors, Market Researches, exhibitions, etc.